GSC collaborates with Yarmouk University

published - 01/01/1970
GSC collaborates with Yarmouk University

GSC collaborates with Yarmouk University

The Garment Design and Training Services center signed an agreement with the Faculty of Arts in Yarmouk University to train the students majoring in ‘Fashion Design’ through several courses in Pattern Making and Sketching as part of the newly launched degree program.

The first course in Pattern Making for womenswear was held at GSC from 5/4/2014 - 31/5/2014 . The total hours for this course were 48 hours, 24 students attended (20 Students, 2 supervisors and 2 Doctors).

During this period the students covered the following topics:

  • Human figure measurements
  • Drawing a basic pattern for a shirt, skirt, dress, pants.
  • Spreading the fabric.
  • Cutting the fabric.
  • Calculating seam allowance.
  • Basic sewing techniques for the 4 main clothing items mentioned above.




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