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What publications are available at GSC Library?

GSC Library brings to subscribers a comprehensive variety of fashion publications, ranging from technical and historical books to specialized magazines, catalogues and websites presenting international new trends.

Technical books deal with subjects such as pantone colors, types of fabrics, sewing and embroidery techniques. Fashion historical books include Western fashion of the 20th century, home design, handicrafts, traditional embroidery and accessories.

Last but not least, subscribers can keep up with both latest and forthcoming season's trends by consulting monthly fashion magazines and season trend books.

The availability of specialized websites, accessible at GSC offices, is of outmost interest of garment manufacturers who prepare original collections and want to be upfront in offering fashionable models.


What services does GSC Library offer to subscribers?

Technical and historical books are physically present at GSC Library. Subscribers are entitled to visit the library and consult them, with the possibility of borrowing one volume at a time for a maximum period of 5 working days.

Upon arrival, the index of all monthly magazines, season trends publications and exhibitions' catalogues and new books are e-mailed to all GSC Library subscribers.


Who should subscribe?

GSC Library's services aim at reaching all components of the Jordanian society who are interested in past and future fashion trends.

Having access to specialized information is essential to anybody dealing with fashion, from garment manufacturers and importers who wish to enhance their business by keeping up with the forthcoming trends, to designers, shop owners, and eventually shoppers.

The answer therefore is:


     -  Clothing manufacturers

     -  Importers of finished garments, fabrics and accessories.

     -  Wholesalers of finished garments, fabrics and accessories

     -  Ateliers

     -  Shop owners

     -  Free-lance designers

     -  Shoppers



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